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Entergy tours SLU sustainability center

Posted: Monday, December 2, 2019 | Views: 2585

Entergy tours SLU sustainability center

SLU Physical Plant Service’s Director Byron Patterson, Entergy’s Customer Service Representative Eunice Harris, Sustainability Manager Alejandro Martinez MBA, and Entergy’s Vice President David Johnson

Check acceptance for Entergy’s $3,500 sponsorship of Chef’s Evening with (left to right) Eunice Harris, Lynn Horgan and David Johnson

HAMMOND---David Johnson, Vice President of Customer Service at Entergy Louisiana, and Eunice Harris, Customer Service Representative, recently visited Southeastern Louisiana University. Upon their arrival they were greeted by the University’s Physical Plant Service’s Director Byron Patterson and Alejandro Martinez, the Sustainability Center’s Manager. During the visit, Southeastern Foundation’s Director of Corporate Relations, Lynn Horgan, discussed the strong relationship that Entergy and Southeastern Louisiana have had for many years. The synergy in this partnership has generated numerous project initiatives benefitting Southeastern, its students and residents of the region.

One of the topics of discussion emphasized throughout the visit was the importance of the STEM Education Outreach programs Southeastern offers, with Mr. Johnson noting Southeastern’s “…wonderful support of STEM initiatives…”.
Ms. Harris noted that …..”Entergy is very proud to be in partnership with Southeastern – the engine that fuels the Northshore. And I look forward to presenting an additional $2,500 sponsorship for the STEM Outreach program for its Regional VIII Science Fair and the State Science Olympiad whereby Southeastern provides information, leadership, guidance, and resources to encourage participation in these events.”

The visit also included a trip to see the two new hybrid geothermal dormitories and to tour the Southeastern's Sustainability Center.

At the heart of the center is the Southeastern Energy and Environmental Development (SEED) Classroom, where visitors are surrounded by the inner workings of renewable energy systems.
Visitors can see how the sun’s heat is collected to heat water for processes on campus buildings and the Center classroom space is heated and cooled by a pond-loop geothermal system using heat-pump technology. As noted by Mr. Martinez, “…this system is more efficient than the air-cooling heat pump behind one’s house!”

The mission of Southeastern’s Sustainability Center is to provide a synergistic educational facility for the university and region offering diverse learning styles for both current and future students in the areas of renewable energy, recycling and waste reduction measures, and other sustainable technologies.

To date, over 1,500 middle and high school students, as well as numerous Tangipahoa schools, have visited Southeastern’s Sustainability Center, and are always welcome for additional or first-time tours year-round for a unique educational experience.

The Team at Southeastern Louisiana University’s Sustainability Center invites you to contact them today to plan a visit to the Center, located at 2101 North Oak Street, Hammond. Email the Center at or call 985-549-5034 to schedule a visit.
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