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Bostic: True freedom exists within responsibility

Bostic: True freedom exists within responsibility

Author: Action News 17/Thursday, July 4, 2019/Categories: Front Page, Voices

A View from My Front Porch
By: Louise Bostic

The holiday we celebrate the first week of July should be one of reflection as well as thankfulness. On our day off we can hop in the old car and go anywhere we want, say, to the beach. We can just walk along, feel the sand between our toes and the sea breeze on our face and just feel our freedom. Or we could choose to go to the mountains or our own backyards and feel the same freedom. We all know that this privilege did not come easy. Many suffered and died and many are still dedicating their lives so that we can enjoy the exhilaration of being free. It’s a feeling unexplainable to those who have never had it.

Freedom does not exist without responsibility. Unless every free person is willing to live within the scope of his responsibility none of us can fully enjoy this way of life we identify as freedom. In the 60’s we lived under rules which were sometimes harsh and difficult but the attitude less than six decades later is so extreme in permissiveness and acceptance that society has NOT improved overall. Many feel restricted by the lawlessness we perceive around us and which permeates our society.

It is not just an attitude of personal promiscuity that has changed, we see individuals who are natural liars, thieves who are proud of their sinister skills and violence among us which is not limited to the evil or deranged. Every rejection of society toward self-control and moral responsibility constitutes more erosion of the freedom we have cherished and defended for so many years. As selfishness and irresponsibility are unchecked in the name of freedom, and liberty is defined as the right to do as we please regardless of the cost to others, society becomes less and less “free.”

Always there have been and will be those who can handle choices and freedom. Unfortunately there always have been and will be those who cannot handle the same choices and freedom. Laws and punishment continue to be developed, but the lawless seem less and less deterred. In this decade the balance sometimes seems to be weighted against what is right more than ever before.

Our soldiers daily putting their lives on the line for us are incredibly precious and essential for the preservation of our country and our way of life, but this preservation is absolutely in the hands of every one of us as we respect our laws, our environment, our principles and ideas, and the rights of our fellow citizens.

As we in America celebrate our freedom this week, we each need to assess our attitude of responsibility and our own degrees of self-indulgence. It would seem sometimes that it is easier to fight and die for freedom than it is to change our attitude. Ultimately we can only preserve our rights as every one of us respects the rights of others. Throughout history more great nations have crumbled through slow deterioration within than from enemy invasion.

In my guidebook, a man named Paul wrote a long letter to his friends in Galatia regarding their freedom. He reminds them that the law is written to help control the lawbreakers, that they who live by higher rules than the law are truly free because they do not have to fear the law. He wrote: "Brothers, you were set aside to be free, but you shouldn’t distort that freedom as an opportunity to satisfy your selfishness. It should inspire you, through the love that gave you freedom, to love and serve one another."

How great is this gift of freedom! May we do our part to preserve it by accepting our responsibility within our “rights.”


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