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Attempted robbery suspect at Walker Burger King arrested

Attempted robbery suspect at Walker Burger King arrested

Author: Anonym/Monday, December 22, 2014/Categories: Front Page, Latest Stories, Crime

The arrest of a Denham Springs man on December 8, 2014 by Walker Police resolved at least two armed robbery attempts; one in Walker and one in Denham Springs, reports Walker Police Captain John Sharp.

Joshua Brooks, age 24 of Denham Springs, was arrested following an investigation by Walker Police of an attempted armed robbery of the Burger King Restaurant in Walker.

“Between 2 and 3 am on the morning of November 29th, a black male entered the Burger King drive-thru on Walker South Road,” reported Captain John Sharp. “After placing his order, he drove up to the teller window. When the Clerk opened the window, the man, wearing a gray stocking over his head, with holes cut out so that the subject could see, pointed a handgun at the Clerk and demanded all of the money from the register.”

Police say the frightened Clerk slammed the window shut and ran toward the back of the restaurant where the night manager was working. After telling the manager what had happened, the two went back to the front of the restaurant and found that the suspect had driven away.

Following the robbery attempt, Walker Police interviewed the restaurant Clerk about the attempted robbery.

“Although understandably frightened, the Clerk was able to describe the suspect, the black pistol he had and the white car he was driving,” Captain Sharp stated. “Despite the mask he was wearing, the Clerk believed that she recognized the man as a former employee of the restaurant, known to her only as ‘Josh.’ The Clerk also told Officers that the man is a frequent customer of the restaurant.”

Walker Police spoke with restaurant management and learned that the man’s name was Joshua Brooks, that he lived on Buddy Ellis Road and that he had worked at the restaurant up until approximately late September. Restaurant management also told Walker Police that Brooks frequently drove a white car to the restaurant.

While conducting their initial investigation of the attempted robbery, Walker Police learned that a black male wearing a stocking over his head had attempted to rob the Denham Springs Taco Bell drive thru at gunpoint approximately 30 minutes earlier. The subject was driving a white car and was reportedly armed with a black handgun.

“That information, along with the findings of our Officers who conducted the initial investigation of the Burger King attempted armed robbery, was turned over to our Detectives for further investigation,” Captain Sharp stated.

Based on the witness statements and other information gathered, Walker Detectives Christopher Gunter and Laura Jenkins set up surveillance of Brooks’ apartment complex, looking for Brooks and the white car that the suspect was reportedly driving at the time of the attempted robberies.

“During their surveillance, our Detectives observed Mr. Brooks enter a white Buick LeSabre and drive off,” Captain Sharp stated. “After confirming that Mr. Brooks was driving a white car like the one described by the Burger King Clerk, our Detectives again met with the Clerk in an effort to determine whether she was able to identify Mr. Brooks as the driver of the white car.

From a series of photographs shown to the Clerk, she was able to positively identify Mr. Brooks as the man who attempted to rob the restaurant. The information developed by our Detectives was also shared with Denham Springs Police.

After confirming Brooks’ access to a white car matching the description of the one use in the Burger King robbery attempt, and following the Clerk’s positive identification of Brooks, Walker Police obtained a warrant for Brooks’ arrest.

On December 8th, Walker Detectives Laura Jenkins and Mark Fruge’ arrested Brooks at his residence, without incident.

“After processing Mr. Brooks, he was taken to the Livingston Parish Detention Center where he was booked with Attempted Armed Robbery,” said Captain Sharp. “We also notified Denham Springs Police of Mr. Brooks’ arrest. It is our understanding that Denham Springs Police obtained an arrest warrant for Mr. Brooks on charges of attempted armed robbery of the Denham Springs Taco Bell and arrested him in connection with those charges on December 19th, while he was in custody at the Livingston Parish detention Center.”

Captain Sharp suggested that Brooks could face additional charges.

“We are aware of other, similar incidents that have been reported in other jurisdictions in which a black male subject committed an armed robbery by contacting an employee at a drive-thru window and demanding money. We are in the process of contacting other agencies in those jurisdictions to make them aware of our arrest of Mr. Brooks, in case they have experienced a similar offense. It may be the case that Mr. Brooks is responsible for one or more similar crimes in other jurisdictions.”

Brooks remains in jail in lieu of a $125,000 bond in connection with the attempted robbery of the Walker Burger King, and a bond of $100,000 in connection with the attempted armed robbery of the Denham Springs Taco Bell.


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