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Amite Police capture armed robbery suspect wanted by Hammond PD

Amite Police capture armed robbery suspect wanted by Hammond PD

Author: Anonym/Monday, December 22, 2014/Categories: Front Page, Latest Stories, Crime

No rest for law enforcement working together this holiday season, as Amite Police report the arrest of Brandon Patrick, age 19 years old, wanted by Hammond Police for an armed robbery last week.

Amite Assistant Chief of Police Michael Foster reports late Monday afternoon, Dec. 22, that the Amite Police Department was contacted by a Confidential Informant (CI) regarding Patrick’s whereabouts in Amite, where Patrick grew up.

The CI was aware that Hammond Police had been searching for Patrick since a violent armed robbery on Wednesday, Dec. 17, when Patrick’s relative, Bradley Patrick, was also apprehended by Hammond authorities.

Asst. Chief Foster reports that after receiving this information from the CI, he and Detective Allen Ordeneaux, also Col. JC Ricks and Sgt. Ronnie Brewer, made their way to Patrick’s suspected location reportedly on the 200 block of South 2nd Street.

It was clear that their arrival could have posed a dangerous situation for local residents with children in the area, said the Asst. Chief, knowing Patrick was considered armed and dangerous having used a .380 pistol in at least one alleged crime already.

So the Amite officers evacuated this area of South 2nd Street for residents’ safety after getting consent from the property owner, Foster said.

They searched for Patrick inside the residence for approximately 15 minutes until Col. Ricks came upon a small, water heater cabinet roughly three feet high, and a couple of feet deep.

And there, after peeling away the small wooden door to the space, they found the 6-foot tall and thinly built Patrick hiding within the cabinet.

Although Patrick was apprehended and taken into custody without further incident, Asst. Chief Foster and Det. Ordeneaux report that Patrick was none-too-pleased with his apprehension, and had a few choice words for law enforcement.

But that kind of thing doesn’t bother Asst. Chief Foster in the least, Foster said, and added that it takes this very trust from the public-- along with good networking between law enforcement departments in Tangipahoa-- to make this happen.

“Everybody made it out safe, and everybody will be home for Christmas,” Foster said.

All except for Patrick, that is, who was transferred to the Hammond Police Department for further booking and being a fugitive from the law.


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