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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Amite Mayor Walter Daniels updates residents

Posted: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 | Views: 4257

Amite Mayor Walter Daniels updates residents

From Amite Mayor Walter Daniels

As this Corona virus situation continues, I want to assure the residents of Amite City that we are a strong community and we will make it through these hard days.

I want to thank Jesus Christ our Savior for the blessings he has given our town. I’ve heard so many stories of people coming together to help each other, for neighborhoods reuniting and providing “social distancing” events for the children, people wanted to know “who needs help, who needs food?” The pastors of our many churches are holding services on Face book and You Tube, because our town’s people want to hear their encouraging words.

A special word of thanks to the businesses and residents that are helping out our local hospital staff, our pharmacists and our first responders. They are providing meals, treats, masks and more. Please support our local businesses as they work hard to serve our town.

As your Mayor, it is a blessing to see this caring and uplifting of each other.

I want to thank our Governor John Bel Edwards for his guidance through this tough situation. I know he is weary and worried, but he always shows strength and knowledge to the people of Louisiana.

Amite is blessed that in Tangipahoa Parish we only have 391 cases with 11 deaths. I want to encourage our residents to continue practicing safe measures such as hand washing, using hand sanitizer, keeping at least six feet apart, staying home unless it is absolutely necessary to go out, and when you go to the store; only one person needs to go not the entire family. Please safe vigilant and safe.

I want to remind our residents although the doors of City Hall are closed, we are still hard at work. You can call City Hall at 985-748-8761 anytime between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday – Friday. If you need to conduct business inside, we will set an appointment time. Our garbage, water and road crews are still working to provide all the services our residents are accustomed to. I want to especially thank all the city workers who have above and beyond to serve the residents of our town.

I know times are difficult right now, but we will come out of this better than ever.

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