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Midweek Oktoberfest returns to Middendorf’s Oct. 4-Nov. 9

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Midweek Oktoberfest returns to Middendorf’s Oct. 4-Nov. 9
MANCHAC---Get out your lederhosen, spruce up your dirndls and prepare to eat and drink German style — it’s Oktoberfest at Middendorf’s!

The annual celebration returns to the historic restaurant with all the festivities, food and fun that customers have grown to know and love out in the Manchac Swamp.

Oktoberfest is set for every Wednesday and Thursday for six weeks, October 4, 2017 through November 9, 2017.

Middendorf’s Owner and European Master Chef Horst Pfeifer has the menu covered. He’s preparing and serving up authentic German appetizers, entrees and desserts.

“We’re known for our seafood at Middendorf’s, but it’s exciting to do something different and share the food that I grew up with in Germany,” shared Pfeifer. “Weiner Schnitzel, Spätzle, Apfel Strudel — we have different items every week of Oktoberfest. Enjoy with a cold German beer.. or two… or three, and it’s wunderbar.”

German meals will be available for lunch and dinner along with the regular menu. Guests who eat an Oktoberfest meal for all six weeks will receive a free Oktoberfest Gift. Punch cards must be punched each week and turned in on the final week.

It’s not only about the food and drink during Oktoberfest. Well, okay — it’s a lot about it, but there’s still more going on at Middendorf’s.

“Back by popular demand, Horst’s brother Heinz will fly in from Germany to don his lederhosen, play the accordion and have some laughs with guests,” said Middendorf’s Owner Karen Pfeifer. “We also have our whimsical German Village in front of the restaurant which is great for taking photos. Come inside the restaurant, and we have decorations and lots of them. Our waitresses wear german clothing and even some of our guests do too. We really get into Oktoberfest out here, and we have the best time.”

Don’t worry about having to speak German when you’re at Oktoberfest, but it sure is fun to know a few words, according to Horst Pfeifer.

“Hallo means hello. Guten Appetit means enjoy your meal. Prost means cheers. Noch ein Bier, bitte means another beer, please. And, Auf Wiedersehen means goodbye. I think that about covers it. Now, you can survive Oktoberfest anywhere. Oh, and Halt deine Lederhosen fest means hold onto your lederhosen — just in case things get lively. You never know.”

Middendorf’s is located right off I-55 between LaPlace and Ponchatoula, Exit 15 (Manchac). The physical address is 30160 Hwy 51 South, Akers, LA. To learn more about Middendorf’s and Oktoberfest, log onto