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Leadership Tangipahoa studies state of local health care

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Leadership Tangipahoa studies state of local health care
Dear Editor:

January is the month to hear from political leaders on the state of our union. As members of Leadership Tangipahoa, January was the month to gain insight into the healthcare delivery models available to our citizens. It is without a doubt that we proclaim the healthcare needs of our residents in good hands and the state of our delivery models are led by individuals with vision and passion to ensure high quality, cutting edge care close to home. Local Leaders often tout expanded services throughout our area decreasing the travel need to entertain, shop, and educate our children and we gladly add healthcare to that list.

North Oaks Health System President and CEO Michele Sutton began the day reviewing services offered by the largest system on the north shore and the only full service regional referral center inside Tangipahoa Parish. The service district opened its doors in 1960 through a millage from the residents of the seventh ward but that tax has not been collected since the 1984 tax year. Since then, the system has seen significant and steady growth to meet the needs of the ever growing population and the only source of revenue is provided from patient care charges. North Oaks is one of only three Level II Trauma Centers in Louisiana and is a Primary Stroke Center certified by The Joint Commission. These two designations validate the consistent delivery of quality care and should assure residents that when the unthinkable happens, a team of dedicated professionals are waiting to provide state-of-the-art care to maximize healing potential.

Like all large systems across the nation, North Oaks moved to an electronic medical record in 2013 as required by the federal government. But they did not stop there. A team focused on health and business analytics works behind the scenes to find ways to leverage the data and alert team members of potential problems before the patient and possibly the provider would even know. They have launched two models using predictive analytics that have been nationally recognized. These models continuously scan data flowing into the record to alert team members of the need for proactive preventative care in situations where seconds matter. So as patients sleep and care teams work, the record has become another set of eyes ensuring best outcomes and delivery of high quality care.

Lastly, as government payers have consistently decreased reimbursement provided to hospitals, and operations have become more complex, Sutton reminded the team the importance of community support for local, full-service, not-for profit systems. In addition, she explained the efforts surrounding the cooperative endeavor agreement to assist Hood Memorial Hospital, and Lallie Kemp also stated how valuable the relationship between the three hospitals has become.

Cypress Pointe Hospital was the next stop on our journey as we discovered the different healthcare models in Tangipahoa Parish. Cypress Pointe Hospital opened in 2010, and became the last licensed physician owned hospital in the United States in 2015. CEO Glenda Dobson spent time explaining the expansion of services that Cypress Pointe Hospital now offers and gave personal tours. With a 30 bed acute care hospital, the hospital is staffed 24 hours and doctors can send patients directly to Cypress Pointe. There is no emergency room which enables scheduled and elective surgeries to be very focused and efficient.

At Cypress Pointe Hospital, many procedures are same day and outpatient, but they do offer an 12 bed in-patient unit and 6 intensive care (ICU) rooms with 24 hour staffing, if continued recovery or observation are needed. All rooms can convert to ICU rooms, if the need arises. With 19 owner-physicians, the specialties offered by Cypress Pointe Hospital include Bariatrics, Cardiology, ENT, Gastrointestinal, General Surgery, Gynecology, Neurosurgery, Occupational Health, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Podiatry, and Urology.

The ground-breaking research and procedures developed by Dr Chad Domangue, strategically places Cypress Pointe Hospital at the forefront in pain management in the medical field. Cypress Pointe Hospital has a back entrance and separate wing exclusively for their pain management patients to be able to enter and exit the building with ease.

As Tangipahoa grows, the plans for Cypress Pointe Hospital are growing as well. With plans for a new 38,000 sq ft, 2 story medical office building on the horizon by Dec 2019, it will include a Urgent Care Clinic and pharmacy. Additional plans for expanding Cypress Pointe Hospital’s footprint on the east side of Tangipahoa are in the works.

Cypress Pointe Hospital is a small family of physicians providing quality healthcare from their family to yours. It is where state of the art technology meets compassionate healthcare. As CEO Glenda Dobson said, “we are little, but mighty.” And Cypress Pointe Hospital is continuing to make investments in both our community and Tangipahoa parish.

A special thanks to the Mrs. Glenda Dobson, Brandon Recotta, Jeff Wright and the Cypress Pointe Hospital team for the delicious lunch provided at Cypress Pointe Hospital complete with a pecan praline bread pudding and sweet tea!

Another stop included a visit to Oak Park Village with a presentation by Lisa Wascom, Director of Community Relations. Providing a community within the community, the assisted living model allows residents to seek various levels of support for non-acute care needs while having constant companionship and activities available. From beauty shops, musical performances to simply basking in the sunlight outside the window of one of forty four apartments, both Lisa and residents made the Leadership Tangipahoa team appreciate a care model foreign to most.

The “age in place” apartments can be single or double occupancy and allows residents to bring home furnishings to make the transition as easy as possible. All meals, housekeeping, laundry and maintenance are included in pricing which will vary with the apartment type and healthcare needs of the resident. Additionally, family involvement is encouraged and independent residents can come and go as they would at home while knowing that internal processes will always have their safety top of mind. A private dining room with full kitchen is provided for family celebrations so a feeling of inclusiveness is provided to those with struggles to travel.

In addition to assisted living, Oak Park also provides a memory care unit for residents and their families in the struggles of dementia and Alzheimers. This unit provides a secure environment that creates consistency so vital in the daily care of these patients.

Our day wrapped up with a visit to Lallie Kemp Regional Medical Center in Independence. Lallie Kemp is the last charity hospital in the state and part of the LSU Health system. But Lallie Kemp is more than just charity. They are a critical access hospital with 24 hour emergency care and a vital part of the healthcare system in Tangipahoa which benefits the underserved. Grandfathered in licensure as a critical access hospital, patients are only allowed to be admitted for 4 days or less.

Affectionately known as “Lallie Kemp,” the medical center serves patients from Tangipahoa, Livingston, St Tammany, and St Helena parishes. With an economic impact of over $86 million to Tangipahoa, state support is only $4.1 million from the state general fund. With $41.9 in annual expenditures, the additional funds must be self-generated.

Did you know that Baton Rouge has one of the highest HIV rates in the nation? With its mission and strategy, to serve a significant portion of the underserved, Lallie Kemp has a robust disease management system including classes and support services for those testing HIV positive. Lallie Kemp continues to serve the underserved in our region with over 300 patients battling cancer on chemotherapy. They have nowhere else to go, because doctors who specialize do not accept medicaid patients.

Meeting the needs of the underserved is seen in every aspect at Lallie Kemp. In partnership with the Department of Corrections (DOC) and Louisiana Department of Health (LDH,) Lallie Kemp offers offender care with a separate secure waiting area, outpatient treatment, telemedicine, and HIV & Hepatitis C treatment. With the help of new vaccines, their goal with LDH & DOC is to eradicate Hepatitis C in the corrections system, which leads to a healthier community. In FY’ 18, Lallie Kemp helped save the DOC over $6 million on prescriptions through their partnerships.

Lallie Kemp has reached out to North Oaks Health System for support and guidance. Lallie Kemp is always looking at progressive ways to provide quality care at a fraction of the cost. The Walk In Clinic is open Monday- Friday. The medical center offers services in internal medicine, cardiology, women’s health, nephrology, family practice, oncology, surgical services, social services, specialty care, and even telemedicine where patients can consult with a doctor in New Orleans via video chat on-site.

As we traveled through the parish to learn about the different healthcare models available to the residents of Tangipahoa and surrounding areas, it was evident that we have a choice in where we can seek healthcare. The healthcare partnerships created from north Tangipahoa to south Tangipahoa are strong and creating a wealth of knowledge and information sharing. And we can support the hospitals that support our communities by choosing to use the state of the art and progressive systems right here in Tangipahoa parish. When we support local, we create a stronger community for our families and parish to grow.

Jeff Jarreau
Chief Human Resources Officer
North Oaks Health System

Jeff Jarreau has been with North Oaks Health System for 27 years and leads all aspects of
Human Resources. Jeff moved to Tangipahoa Parish over 28 years ago after graduating from
Southeastern Louisiana University as a Registered Nurse where he and his wife Denise raised their 2 daughters.

D’Ann Davis
Director of Sales
Hampton Inn by Hilton

D’Ann Davis recently joined the Hampton Inn by Hilton - Hammond team in December 2018. She has been an active member of the Tangipahoa Parish community for over 15 years through community service with Junior Auxiliary, Tangi 96.5, KAJUN 107.1, Tangi Lifestyles, Greater Hammond Chamber of Commerce, Tangipahoa Professional Women’s Organization, Tangipahoa Parish Fair Board, and is a co-troop leader for Girl Scout Troop 32003. D’Ann has a daughter, Caroline.

Group Photo at North Oaks Health System

Front Row (left to right)
Sibyl Cannon
Roslyn Varndo
Kellie Wheat
Michele Sutton / President and CEO North Oaks Health System
Ron Macaluso / Chairman North Oaks Board of Commissioner
Mandy Lee
Tammy Murphy
Kristie K. Hebert
Erica Kelt
Kristen Pecararo
Kathryn Edwards
Myra Sharp

Back Row
Kyle Johnson
Nick Gagliano
Dennis Braziel
Amanda Bennett
Jason Wilson
Brian Walker
Jeff Jarreau
Mark Verbois
Abigail Comeau
D’Ann Davis
Eddie Hebert

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