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St. Tammany Parish cuts sales taxes for the jail and courthouse

St. Tammany Parish cuts sales taxes for the jail and courthouse
Posted: Jan 4, 2017
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Rates and Terms of St. Tammany Jail and Justice System Sales Tax Continuations Reduced

From St. Tammany Parish Government


On the April 29 General Election ballot, voters will be asked to consider the continuation of two Parish-wide Jail and Justice System sales taxes.


The rates and terms of both taxes have been reduced from ¼¢ each to 1/5¢each (a 20% decrease), and from 20-year renewals to 10-year renewals (a 50% decrease).


The estimated annual sales tax revenue projected in 2017 would be $9.6 million, which is a combined reduction of $5 million per year to the citizens of St. Tammany.


In addition, 10% of the revenue collected, or an estimated $960,000 will be allocated to the 22nd Judicial Specialty Courts, which will provide a guaranteed revenue stream for these programs going forward.


The remaining 90 % or $8,640,000 will fund the essential operational costs of the Justice Center Complex, the satellite offices on the East side of the Parish (the Towers Building), and operational support expenses of the Justice Center agencies which for 2017 are budgeted at $7,751,830.


Any remaining revenue will be placed in an account for projected future needs or emergency expenses. All monies spent from this account will require approval by the St. Tammany Parish Council.