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SLU reduces cost, adds high demand classes for Summer

SLU reduces cost, adds high demand classes for Summer
Posted: Mar 17, 2017
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HAMMOND – Southeastern Louisiana University is re-tooling its summer semester by reducing net cost for a three-credit hour course to less than $900 and expanding high demand offerings. Re-imagined as “Summer Smart,” the semester will also include an increased number of online and hybrid courses.
“We took another look at our summer semester after listening carefully to the needs of our students,” said Southeastern Interim Provost Tena L. Golding. “More students can now benefit from summer courses that will advance progress toward their degrees in a more timely manner and at the same time reap significant financial savings.”
Students spoke and Southeastern responded. New summer offerings such as Marketing 205: Social Media and Personal Branding, as well as additional sections of required and elective courses such as Psychology 101 will be among the hundreds of offerings available.
“With new courses, additional sections and an infusion of more online or hybrid courses, our goal is to make summer semester as easily accessible to as many of our students as possible,” Southeastern President John L. Crain said. “Using scholarships, waivers and other methods to reduce the net cost of attendance for the typical student is an additional incentive for them to attend and enhance progress toward graduation.”
“Summer Smart” savings will result in reduced net cost of attendance for typical undergraduate students. With an anticipated net cost of less than $900 for a three-credit hour course, Southeastern’s summer semester will provide the highest education value with the lowest cost of four-year colleges in south Louisiana. Summer semester terms range from four to eight weeks.
Hybrid courses combine face-to-face and online instruction for students, which is embraced by traditional and non-traditional students alike who are able to schedule their time around fewer physical trips to campus.
“While we designed these changes based on the needs and demands of our current students, we also provide enhanced opportunites for high school students and welcome students currently attending other universities who are interested in getting a head start on the upcoming academic year,” added Golding.
The early deadline to apply for summer semester is May 1 with an application fee of $20. Students may also apply during the late application period that concludes June 1 with an additional late fee of $50. For current students, priority registration opens March 27, and open registration begins April 3.
For more information on Southeastern’s summer sessions, visit or contact the Office of Records and Registration at
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