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SLU ranked 58th in nation for part-time jobs for students

SLU ranked 58th in nation for part-time jobs for students
Posted: Sep 26, 2016
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HAMMOND – Southeastern Louisiana University has been ranked 58th nationally among the best colleges for university-provided part-time student employment.
    The study was published in the newsletter “Student Loan Report” using information compiled by Peterson’s Financial Aid Data.  Southeastern was listed among the top 250 colleges and universities in the nation for its student part-time employment record.
    According to the study, Southeastern provides approximately 1,093 on-campus jobs for students who are not affiliated with the Federal Work Study program. Only three Louisiana institutions made the list.
    “Providing part-time employment for students benefits both the students and the university,” said Lori Fairburn, director of Enrollment Services. “The students gain exposure to a professional work environment and learn valuable lessons in time management, multi-tasking, project planning and more, while earning money to help pay for typical college expenses. The institution gains the benefits of having additional part-time workers on the staff to augment operations of the office.”
    “Student Loan Report” is an online newsletter that provides information to college students and parents regarding news, issues and studies on student loans and student debt. The report can be found on the web at
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