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Layrisson presents 12 bikes in summer Bikes for Kids program

Layrisson presents 12 bikes in summer Bikes for Kids program
Posted: Aug 12, 2017
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PONCHATOULA - Attorney Parker Layrisson’s Bikes For Kids Program gave away 12 bikes this summer Ponchatoula natives Peyton Hiltibidal and Nicole Beaujeaux,

Loranger native Carson Dillon, and Kentwood native Uriah Galmon are the final winners of the summer as a part of local attorney Parker Layrisson’s 2nd Annual “Bikes For Kids” Program.

Peyton, 7, was nominated by his 1st grade teacher, Stacy Hall. Peyton is leader in the classroom at Tucker Elementary School, not just completing his own work but helping other students understand their assignments, and helping them transition between activities on time.

Nicole, 12, was nominated by her mother, Christal. Nicole is a wonderful student at Champ Cooper Elementary where she was voted Student of the Month this past March. Nicole is active in helping neighbors keep their yards clean and in assisting the elderly at her church.

Carson, 6 , was nominated by his mother, Antranetta Brown. Carson is a dedicated student at Loranger Elementary his life goals are to be a doctor, a pastor, AND a police officer. Carson will use his new bike as his “squad car” as he rides, making sure people obey safety rules and riding alongside his grandmother.

Uriah, 13, was nominated by family friend Lula Owens. Uriah is a wonderful student at Kentwood Jr. High where he maintains a 3.6 GPA. Uriah is a Cadet Senior Airman in the Civil Air Patrol and a Talented Theater student who is active in his church, Quinn Chapel.

“Each of these 12 kids deserve rewards for their actions and accomplishments. They are incredible children. ” said Layrisson. “Next summer we will return, hopefully with twice as many bikes.”

Photos: Attorney Parker Layrisson and team member Brittany Bradley award Peyton Hiltibidal (top right) and Nicole Beaujeaux (bottom left) of Ponchatoula, Carson Dillon of Loranger (top left ), and Uriah Galmon of Kentwood (bottom right) new bikes as part of Layrisson’s 2nd annual Bikes for Kids giveaway.