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2nd Graders produce video to encourage residents post-flood

2nd Graders produce video to encourage residents post-flood
Posted: May 19, 2017
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LIVINGSTON PARISH---As this highly atypical school year comes to a close following last August’s 1,000 year flood, students in one local school recently offered thanks to a major benefactor and the many others who offered assistance to those impacted by the natural disaster.

Students in Courtney Blount’s second grade class at Frost School recently made a video to thank singer Taylor Swift and the many other volunteers who offered donations, supplies, or simply their time to help victims of the August 2016 flood.

“Our community was hit hard...We just want everyone that helped to know that their kindness is very appreciated!” Blount wrote in a message to this week.

“My second grade class took this flood very seriously and understood the severity of the tragedy. Together, we put together a song to the tune of 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift. We call it 'Shake the Flood.' They are so proud of themselves and I am proud of them as well,” Blount wrote.

“We want it to reach Taylor Swift so we can thank her for her $100,000 donation to Livingston Parish Public Schools,” Blount said.

Blount said that while Frost School did not flood, the campus was used as a shelter for those in need of somewhere to stay during the flooding event. She also noted that some of the employees and community members who were not flooded “put in countless hours to help those who were less fortunate.”

She said she and her students hope the video will encourage residents to keep moving forward as the recovery process continues.

The video produced by Blount and her second grade students can be seen here.