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2017 Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival unveils poster

2017 Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival unveils poster
Posted: Sep 9, 2017
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BBHF executive chair creates second fest poster from her research days

The Daily News

Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival Executive Chairwoman Malinda White said she’s been looking for ways to cut expenses, and she’s done that by not taking the artist’s commission for her second painting that’s found it’s way to be a festival poster.
“I did it, and I’m not going to take money from a non-profit that I’ve been trying to raise money for,” White said.
She said the 2017 poster “came to be during my research to create an event that would make Bogalusa a destination.”
“I visited Greenwood, Mississippi to attend the Robert Johnson Memorial Blues Festival, and I witnessed busloads of Europeans and Asians drawn to attend a blues festival in the middle of a cotton field, in the middle of nowhere, it seemed like,” White said. “I just couldn’t get over it. But I knew then what genre of music could pull people from all over the world to Bogalusa, and we had the roots deep in our heritage.
“And according to “Escaping the Delta,” by Elijah Wald, Robert Johnson even played here.”
One of the musicians at the festival, Robert “Doctor Feelgood” Potts, and his band caught White’s artists eye, and she said she took a lot of pictures of them.
“They were onstage under a full moon in the cotton field in the delta,” White said. “His bass guitarist was an Asian woman.”
So the BBHF exec was compelled to do three paintings, one of “Doctor Feelgood,” one of his lead guitar player, and one of his bass player.
“Many months later, while I was traveling the blues trail, I think it was in Memphis, I ran into them, and I showed them the paintings,” White said. “They were thrilled.
“The poster was intended to be our first poster until I was inspired to do another painting that captured all of that year’s lineup, with Professor Longhair in the middle as a tribute.
“So all these years we sat on this painting while engaging other local artists to participate in creating a festival poster for us every year. This year, the committee decided to use the “Doctor Feelgood” painting.”
The poster will sell for $21, with tax included.

The annual event is scheduled for September 29-30.