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State Police make numerous arrests for insurance fraud

Posted: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 | Views: 4803

State Police make numerous arrests for insurance fraud

Troopers assigned to the Louisiana State Police Insurance Fraud / Auto Theft Unit brought five separate criminal cases to conclusion over the last several weeks resulting in numerous arrests.  The Insurance Fraud Unit is responsible for investigating referrals of suspected fraudulent insurance acts and promoting awareness of insurance fraud throughout the state.
 LSP Investigators arrested 26 year old Dominique Prater of Slidell, LA following an investigation into the filing of fraudulent medical bills.  Troopers’ investigation revealed that Prater submitted an injury claim with Progressive Insurance Company alleging she sustained injuries when her vehicle ran over debris from a crash involving a Progressive insured vehicle.  To support the injury claim, Prater submitted medical bills from Crane Rehab Center in Jefferson, LA for treatment received from May and June of 2014.  Through the course of the investigation, the supporting medical bills were found to be fraudulently created by Prater’s mother, who was employed by Crane Rehab Center as a billing clerk.  When confronted by investigators, Prater withdrew the claim and subsequently admitted to the fraudulent acts to receive the insurance money.  An arrest warrant was obtained for both Prater and her mother, 47 year old Tammie Lee of River Ridge, LA, from the 22nd Judicial District Court in St. Tammany Parish for violations of Louisiana’s Insurance Fraud statute.  Tammie Lee was taken into custody on February 26th, 2015 and booked into the St. Tammany Parish Jail.

Troopers arrested 23 year old Shelby Connor of Bell City, LA on one count of Insurance Fraud following an investigation into a staged vehicle crash in Calcasieu Parish.  The investigation revealed that Connor conspired with several others to stage a two vehicle crash for the purpose of initiating a fraudulent insurance claim.  Connor was booked without incident into the Calcasieu Parish Jail along with the following suspects involved in the fraudulent claim: 33 year old Jeremy Chaisson, 22 year old Tory L. Hanks, and 23 year old Lenard Chesson.  The additional suspects are from Lake Charles, LA and were charged with one count each of Insurance Fraud with Chesson additionally charged with one count of Theft.

61 year old Danny Washington of Ruston, LA was arrested on charges of Insurance Fraud based on an investigation into a complaint received from USAA Insurance.  LSP Investigators determined Washington fraudulently submitted a property claim for hail and collision damage sustained to his vehicle which occurred prior to the effective date of his USAA policy.  Washington surrendered himself to Troopers at the Lincoln Parish Detention Center where he was booked without incident.

During the month of February 2015, Troopers received information on suspected insurance fraud by a State Farm insurance agent operating in Marrero, LA.  Further investigation revealed that 75 year old Louis D’Angelo committed several acts of forgery for the purposes of transferring ownership of numerous FEMA flood insurance and LA Citizens insurance policies from another recently deceased State Farm agent.  Upon review of the fraudulently submitted documents, it was discovered that D’Angelo forged the deceased agent’s signature on FEMA and LA Citizens insurance transfer forms and faxed the forms to the respective agencies approximately three hours after the death of the agent.  Through transferring ownership of the policies and subsequent commissions to himself, D’Angelo was set to receive over $100,000 in commission payments.  On March 5th, 2015, D’Angelo was booked without incident into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center on two counts of Forgery.

On March 5th, 2015, a New Orleans husband and wife were arrested on charges of Insurance Fraud following the filing of a fraudulent injury claim with GEICO.  Troopers’ investigation revealed that 46 year old Carisa Calvin was driving a rental vehicle when she was involved in a motor vehicle collision.  Carisa Calvin did not possess a valid driver’s license and was not an approved driver of the rental vehicle at the time of the crash.  Mrs. Calvin subsequently persuaded the other driver in the crash to agree that her husband, 46 year old Arthur Calvin, was driving the rental vehicle.  Mr. Calvin then came to the scene of the crash and fraudulently reported himself as the driver in the police report.  Several days later, Mr. Calvin contacted GEICO and filed an injury claim for himself.  Investigators obtained a warrant for both Carisa and Arthur Calvin and they were booked without incident into the Orleans Parish Jail.  Arthur Calvin was additionally charged with Filing or Maintaining False Public Records.

LSP Investigators work closely with the LA Department of Insurance, local judicial offices, and the Louisiana Attorney General’s office in successfully bringing individuals involved in committing insurance fraud to justice. The Insurance Fraud Unit has field offices located throughout the state in which Troopers investigate various types of insurance fraud cases such as staged crashes, “jump-in” crashes, fraudulent injury claims, worker’s compensation fraud, forged medical records, and inflated property claims.