Thursday, July 19, 2018

New York woman arrested in elaborate cell phone fraud scheme

Posted: Wednesday, August 9, 2017 | Views: 3644

New York woman arrested in elaborate cell phone fraud scheme
From Slidell Police:
A New York woman, who was stealing identities and opening fraudulent cell phone accounts, was caught in the act and arrested by Slidell Police late last week.

An alert Sprint employee contacted Slidell Police on Friday afternoon (August 4th) when she recognized 32-year-old, Yarenis De La Cruz (Bronx, New York), as being the woman responsible for opening several fraudulent cell phone accounts. An inter-office email, sent by the Sprint Corporation, alerted employees about De La Cruz. De La Cruz was going from city to city and acquiring new cell phones on pre-existing customer accounts by utilizing fake identifications. After acquiring the phones, De La Cruz would then sell them online and pocket the cash.

De La Cruz had active warrants from the Lafayette Police Department and the Broussard Police Department for theft and fraud related charges in relation to the Sprint fraud case. De La Cruz was arrested and booked as a fugitive in the Slidell City Jail. In her possession, Slidell Police officers located six suspected stolen Apple iPhones and one Apple iPad. The case is still under investigation, and it is believed that De La Cruz has been traveling across the United States committing these fraudulent types of crimes. More charges are expected to be filed against De La Cruz, as the investigation continues.